Furry Friends with Benefits

Furry Friends with Benefits

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National pet month starts today, a great excuse to talk about the benefits of having a furry companion in your life. Animals are well known for their funny, cuddly and loveable qualities. But owning a pet is also a positive decision for your health. Next time Patch paws at your ankles for a stroll or Suki scowls at your choice of food, remember: it’s doing you good. 

Studies, such as those conducted in the UK by the Blue Cross, show the benefits of pet ownership are mental, as well as physical. 

The physical effects of having a pet are mainly related to the extra exercise you do. Exercise you often  don’t even realise you’re doing it, which is the best type. Thanks to an increased level of fitness, pet owners have less visits to the doctor, better cardiovascular health, stronger bones and lower levels of cholesterol.   

It may not make sense when your dog barks in the middle of the night, or your cat nibbles at your ears at 3am, but pet owners also have lower levels of stress. Other mental benefits include reduced risk of depression and improved social skills. Perhaps talking to your little fluffy friend isn’t so daft after all :)

Merely having a pet around the house creates a routine. And a solid routine is vital to manage your health. If it’s time to feed them, perhaps remember to take your supplements. Or when they need a check-up, think about if you could benefit from a trip to the doc. Just make sure you don't book yourself in at the vet. 

We don't want to be drawn into the dogs ‘vs’ cats debate. However, it’s fair to say, there aren't many people who take their feline friend for a bracing stroll around the block!


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