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Our Story

Our Beliefs

Be positive. Trust science. Celebrate people. 

We value positive thinking and action, even in the face of adversity.

We trust scientific research and hard evidence, not fads or trends.

We act with purpose on behalf of people, instead of pure profit.  

Our Founder

In the late 90's, our founder Sandra Witzel was diagnosed with arthritis, an inflammatory disease with life inhibiting symptoms. She has studied the condition ever since and, after qualifying as a health coach, worked with experts to develop a supplement based on her experience.

Certain vitamins, minerals and extracts are proven to benefit the symptoms people with arthritis face, such as bone and joint weakness, inflammation, reduced immunity and low energy. They do not cure the illness, but can help people live with the issues. However, multiple products are required to tackle multiple issues and many lack the level of potency to make a difference.

To solve this dilemma, Sandra founded Positive Science People and launched ActiFlex, the ultimate supplement for people with inflammatory illnesses.  

Our Company

Positive Science People Limited is a UK-based producer of food supplements and related health products. 

All products are manufactured in the UK, under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, certified by the Health Food Manufacturers Association (HFMA). Our offices are in Halifax, West Yorkshire and Muswell Hill, London. 

Positive Science People is registered with Companies House in the UK (company number: 11788250) and trademark protected via the UK Intellectual Property Office (trademark number: UK00003455003).

The company, or its founder, are members of: 

 Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash