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At Positive Science People we know it is difficult, time-consuming and expensive to buy multiple products, to meet your specific health needs. To solve this dilemma, we developed our tailored range of top quality, effective, UK-made supplements. Combining multiple, potent ingredients into one convenient formula, our three products focus on joint care, gut health and energy levels.

Joint Care

15 nutrients to support the long term health of your joints & bones.

from £25.20

Gut Health

18 nutrients to balance your digestive system, body & mind.

from £25.20

Energy Release

17 nutrients to sustain your energy levels and minimise fatigue.

from £25.20


8 nutrients including plant-based amino acids with same profile as collagen.

From £19.80


Based on Experience & Expertise

Our founder Sandra is a qualified Health Coach on a mission. Through personal experience with chronic arthritis and osteoporosis, she created our supplement range. Alongside Registered Dietitian, Rachel Redman, she guarantees our products use only the best premium ingredients, chosen based on scientific evidence.


Backed by Science

All our products use ingredients with strong scientific evidence supporting their benefits. We combine them in unique, tailored formulations, targeted at common health areas.


Our Six Steps to Superior Supplements

At Positive Science People, we follow a careful, science-based approach to create our unique supplements. Led by founder and health coach Sandra, and registered dietitian Rachel Redman, our approach results in the well-thought-out combination of specific nutrients, to support common health issues and active lifestyles.

1. Examine the Evidence

Everything starts with a detailed review of scientific research, for nutrients with proven health benefits. We focus on human trials, peer-reviewed papers and meta analysis (across several studies). Our exhaustive search explores global thinking, focusing on countries ahead of the curve on nutrition.

In our Joint Care formula, our choice of Curcumin as lead ingredient applies evidence from 17 different, robust studies.

While suffering from poor health for two decades, I have researched the benefits of nutrients and worked with healthcare experts across the globe. I hope we can support your health journey.



“Over the last couple of years, I’ve been taking various supplements to help with joint problems, but nothing has really worked, until I started taking Actiflex and I must say, this is really working for me, and has helped me so much, I am so very pleased with the results, thank-you.”

Valerie, West Yorkshire

“As a Roofer my job is seriously hard on my body. I’ve been taking these products for about 4 months and have noticed a significant improvement. My joints definitely feel much better. I’ll certainly be continuing to take these supplements as i know they work.”

Warren, Kent

“I am quite sceptical about products claiming to benefit arthritis sufferers, but decided to give it a try. I am very pleased with the effects it has had on my sore stiff joints, particularly my hands. I also find much greater flexibility in my joints which is a definite bonus. I would definitely recommend this product to be at least worth a try. It works for me!”

Susan, Surrey

I'm on my second pack. I ordered it again as i felt it had helped the inflammation to come down particularly in my knees. The ordering process is straightforward and the supplements have arrived quite quickly both times.

Mrs O