Collavegan™ - Vegan Collagen Supplement
Collavegan™ - Vegan Collagen Supplement
Collavegan™ - Vegan Collagen Supplement
Collavegan™ - Vegan Collagen Supplement
Collavegan™ - Vegan Collagen Supplement
Collavegan™ - Vegan Collagen Supplement
Collavegan™ - Vegan Collagen Supplement

Collavegan™ - Vegan Collagen Supplement

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Our premium, UK-made vegan collagen capsules offer all the health benefits that collagen brings to the body. It uses a safe, plant-based formulation which replicates exactly the amino acid profile of human-based collagen. It is more easily absorbed and therefore requires lower amounts compared to bovine or marine collagen. Collavegan also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Bamboo Silica, Vitamins & Minerals.




“The whole experience from ordering to delivery is without a doubt well worth a 5 star review.

Congratulations to Sandra and her team for doing an amazing job. Thank you.”

Irene, Scotland

“As a longtime vegan, I hadn't tried collagen supplements before due to difficulty finding vegan ones so I am thrilled about these! I love the minimal, recyclable packaging, odourless capsules and the fact they are made in the UK.”

A.C., England

“I love this product as it has the same amino acid profile as human collagen, but is a lot safer as a vegan version and you don't need such high amounts. I've only been using it for a week but can already feel a difference.”

Rebecca, Worthing


Based on Experience & Expertise

Collavegan is the unique result of our team’s personal and professional experience & research. After enjoying the benefits of animal collagen, but disliking the dubious origins, we used our expertise to create a safer, more ethical and efficient product.

Our founder Sandra Witzel lives with a chronic health condition, and created this product to help others. She works closely with Rachel Redman, our Registered Dietitian, who brings expertise in nutrition.

The Benefits

Amino Acids

As crucial building blocks for protein creation, amino acids are vital to several processes in our bodies. Collagen is a rich source of the required amino acids.


Instead of being derived from hard- to-verify animal production sources, our collagen substitute is 100% vegan and made from non-GMO corn.


The amino acids in our formula are already isolated so are ready for the body to easily absorbe them and provide the full health benefits.

Holistic Formula

In addition, our formula boosts the effectiveness with carefully chosen vitamins and minerals, plus Hyaluronic Acid and Bamboo Silica.


Backed by Science

Our Collavegan formula combines 8 quality ingredients to deliver the benefits offered by collagen, including support for skin, hair, nails, ligaments and tendons.

As we age, collagen production slows and quality diminishes, so levels in the body are depleted. Even by the age of 25, collagen is being lost and by 50 levels can be 50% reduced.


Our founder and qualified health coach, Sandra Witzel, answers your common questions about Collavegan and its benefits…

Collavegan provides all the health benefits provided by the amino acids found in collagen, in a plant-based formula.

Collavegan contains 8 carefully selected active ingredients. The full list is provided below:

  • Vollagen - 1g
  • Hyaluronic Acid - 50mg
  • Bamboo Silica - 100mg
  • Vitamin E - 6mg a-TE
  • Vitamin C - 100mg
  • Biotin - 50μg
  • Zinc - 1.5mg
  • Copper - 0.16mg

The origin and manufacturing processes of animal collagen are very hard to trace and seem to be concealed for a reason. Turning animal-parts into an odourless, white powder requires heavy industrial processes, not to mention the ethical implications on animal welfare. You don't have to be vegan to understand and empathise with our reasoning to create a plan-based product that can deliver the same benefits, with less cost to the planet.

Collavegan should be taken once a day, with food, ideally in the morning. Two capsules should be consumed daily.

This depends on your individual health condition, history and type of medications, so it is not possible to generalise. If you are unsure whether Collavegan can be combined with your prescription medication or taken with certain existing health conditions, we strongly advise you consult with your medical practitioner, providing them with a full list of ingredients (see above).

As Collavegan mimics the exact amino acid profile of human collagen, it requires much lower amounts compared to bovine or marine collagen. Studies showed 1g is enough to reach the same results.

Collavegan is 100% vegan, with the main Vollagen indredient made from non-GMO corn.

Absolutely not! None of our products is tested on animals.


Simple 6 Six Step Process

At Positive Science People, we follow a careful, science-based approach to create our unique supplements. Led by founder and health coach Sandra Witzel, and registered dietitian Rachel Redman, our approach results in the well-thought-out combination of specific nutrients, to support common health issues and active lifestyles.

1. Examine the Evidence

Everything starts with a detailed examination of scientific research and for nutrients with proven health benefits. We look for human trials (over animal), peer-reviewed papers and meta analysis (which considers several studies). Our mexhaustive search explores global thinking, especially the USA and Australia who are often very ahead of the curve on ingredient research.

In our Joint Care formula, our choice of curcumin as a lead ingredient is based on evidence from 17 different, robust studies.

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