Raise a Hand for Versus Arthritis

Raise a Hand for Versus Arthritis

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‘Stop Thief’ is the powerful headline in the latest ads from UK charity Versus Arthritis. Accompanied with an image of people holding one hand aloft - with a clear ‘no more’ gesture - they are taking a strong stance against an illness affecting over ten million people in the UK. It’s powerful stuff and I love it!

In 2018, following a merger of Arthritis Research UK and Arthritis Care, the Versus Arthritis organization was formed, as a unified UK body tackling arthritis. From the outset, illustrated by the choice of name, they are clearly undergoing a strategic shift. In addition to their fantastic work researching cures and helping sufferers, they now take a strong stance in challenging preconceptions of arthritis and calling on everyone, not just the ‘victims’, to fight back.

As someone who has lived with arthritis for nearly 20 years, I totally understand the idea that this disease has stolen from me. Adventures I’ve missed, catch-ups with friends spoilt by pain, days of gloom that have rendered me immobile. Finally this feeling is being acknowledged and challenged.

Before the campaign currently visible on the streets and screens, a social media initiative encouraged people to join them in ‘defying arthritis together’. To-date, over 45,000 people have shared on their Facebook, Twitter or other social platform that they are #versusarthritis. If you haven’t already done so, pledge your support here.

Beyond this, to help elicit real change in public policy and support, Versus Arthritis are active in presenting the cause to MPs, fighting for greater rights and funding from key decision makers.

With arthritis receiving relatively light media or political attention prior, despite the devastating impact it has on so many people, it’s fantastic that word is getting out there. It’s a ‘silent disease’ no longer.

It’s also worth mentioning that, behind their strong messaging, Versus Arthritis provide a rich body of knowledge and advice to people with arthritis and their loved ones. Do take a look, if you’ve not already, by following this link.

Positive in their purpose, seriously about science and run by passionate people, it’s no surprise that here at Positive Science People we love the work of Versus Arthritis!  


Positive Science People leave the task of researching a cure for arthritis to experts, like Versus Arthritis.  

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