Savvy ways to live healthier

Savvy ways to live healthier

Tired of buying lots of different tubs of vitamins and minerals to support her health condition, our founder Sandra Witzel started making her own. Smart, right? Making smart wellness decisions is at the heart of our thinking at Positive Science People, so we’d love to share a few of our savvy tips and hope they are useful to you.

You Are What You Eat

Every cell in your body is made from something you’ve physically eaten. Crazy thought, isn’t it? The biggest, direct impact you can have on your health is choosing foods that add useful, functional, nutritional ingredients. Unless you want your body built from cheap building materials. High protein, low carb diets - with healthy oils and a rich variety of non-starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds - provide the best base for a health life. Equally important to what you eat, is what avoid. The simplest approach here is to ditch anything processed or artificial, along with all forms of sugar (sorry, but honey, agave syrup and pomegranate molasses are all still sugar). 

“Every time you take a bite of food, consider that you are programming your biology for health or disease. When you eat healthy food, you are, in fact, eating medicine.” Dr. Mark Hyman, Young Forever

Healthy Can Be Cheap

Many people think living more healthily means spending more money. But this does not have to be true. Walking and cycling are cheaper than driving or taking the bus. Water and tea are cheaper than soft drinks or beer. Cooking from scratch is cheaper than convenience food. Apples are cheaper than crisps. Anything you grow in the garden or window box is practically free. If you bank the savings from eliminating unhealthy snacks, excess alcohol and junk food, you can reinvest in healthy – albeit a little costly – foods, such as fresh salmon, olive oil, avocadoes and seasonal berries. Your bank account will be happy and you your body delighted.  

Make Exercise Your Life

Along with diet, exercise is another huge influence on your health, especially as you get older and energy levels slow down. Many people might find it hard to visit exercise facilities or attend classes, but did you know that zones in the world with the highest life expectancy often have no formal ways to exercise at all? Instead, they have people who keep fit because of how they live their working and social lives, by walking up hills, doing manual jobs and actively socialising with friends. So, take the stairs, meet friends for a stroll, walk to work or the shops, run with your dog, stand up more, sit on the floor to watch TV (back straight now) and do stretches as you brush your teeth.

Shop Supplements Smartly

Along with a healthy diet, supplements can play a role in boosting certain nutrients, especially for people with certain health conditions and who are growing older. But all supplements are not created equally. And some, frankly, are unlikely to offer any benefit at all.

Look for supplements with nutrients matched to your health needs or you’ll be paying for things that aren’t necessary. For example, b-vitamins are great for people with low energy but are of little use otherwise; curcumin offers evidence-based support for joints but might not be for everyone. Then look for ingredients provided in easily absorbed forms and in high dosage. Ultimately: don’t buy supplements based on cost per capsule, buy based on quality and fit with your needs.

Empower Yourself

Making smart wellness decisions is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life. Our founder Sandra Witzel’s journey to creating her own supplements underscores the importance of tailored nutrition and wellness practices. By prioritising whole, nutrient-dense foods, embracing cost-effective healthy habits, integrating natural physical activities into daily routines, and choosing high-quality, need-specific supplements, you can significantly enhance your overall health and well-being.

Remember, every bite you take, every step you walk, and every supplement you choose is a step toward programming your biology for health. At Positive Science People, we believe in empowering you with the knowledge and tools to make these smart wellness decisions effortlessly. So, start today with these savvy tips, and watch how small, consistent changes can lead to profound improvements in your health journey. Here’s to a healthier, happier you!


Photo by Sergio Scandroglio


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