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Water: A Hidden Arthritis Helper

Anyone half clued-up on healthy living knows how important it is to drink plenty of sugar-free fluids. You’ve probably also heard the body is 60% water. But what does that mean, what are the actual health benefits of re-hydration and how does this relate to arthritis?

1. Reduced Pain



Muscles and joints, the key problem areas for people with arthritis, are particularly prone to the downside of dehydration. Keep your body topped up on water and help it to minimise pain in these areas the natural way.  

2. Firmer skin

Skin cells in the body are mainly water, so imagine them only part full. Saggy, wrinkly and deflated. Keep well hydrated and your skin will firm up. Self-confidence is a big issue for people with chronic illness, so there's no harm feeling happier in your own skin!

3. Energy boost

Sweating takes water from the muscles and reduces their effectiveness. Tired muscles are reawakened by more fluid in the body. So keep drinking water, even if your form of exercise is just living your day. Few things dent energy levels like arthritis, so take every advantage you can. 

4. Sharper thinking

Studies show students in exams who drink water do better than those that don’t. Water is fuel for your brain and so vital for people living with a mind-numbing illness. Instead of grabbing a coffee or cola when you need to concentrate, reach for the water.

5. Weight management

Living with arthritis, especially the challenge to mobility, is not helped by struggling with your weight. Thankfully, heaps of studies show water consumption’s link to weight control. It makes sense: a dehydrated body feels empty and people fill the void with unhealthy food and drink. Choose water instead, the ultimate zero-calorie body fuel.

So raise a glass to water: it's no cure for arthritis, but it's a simple and free way of making a small difference. And every little helps. 


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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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