Why vegan collagen with amino acids is the best

Why vegan collagen with amino acids is the best

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Collagen is a popular supplement that provides the amino acids our body needs for multiple processes, in an easy to take format. Yet, many people are surprised to learn there are many types of collagen supplement and some are far better than others.

The three main sources of collagen that you’ll find in supplements are livestock (bovine collagen), marine wildlife (marine collagen) and plants (vegan collagen).

However, many so-called vegan collagen products - often called complex or booster - are not really collagen at all. Rather, they offer the nutrients that help the body make collagen itself. 

When you consider a range of factors, such as effectiveness, bioavailability, sustainability and ethics, genuine vegan collagen, with the required amino acids, is the best option. 

What Are The Benefits of Vegan Collagen?

The most obvious benefit of vegan collagen supplements is the fact that it’s more versatile and accessible. Unlike meat-based collagen supplements that aren’t suitable for those who are following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Even for those not on special diets, it can be much more reassuring knowing your collagen is from a plant source, rather than an unspecified animal production facility, in an unknown country. 

Plant-based collagen also tackles the environmental and ethical issues that come along with the processing of bovine and marine collagen supplements. Bovine and marine collagen production is responsible for the release of large amounts of carbon emissions every year, which contributes to global warming. It also results in the death of thousands of fish, dolphins, whales and sharks.

Why All Vegan Collagens Are Not Equal

Many products market themselves as Vegan Collagen Boosters or Vegan Collagen Complexes, because they merely provide nutrients that stimulate collagen production in the body. This can be helpful, with vitamins like Vitamin C & D, providing a useful boost to natural processes. But it is not as affective as actually consuming the amino acids that collagen is made of, which can then be directly absorbed into the body and start doing their work.  

The most advanced vegan collagens use the latest food production technology to synthesise the same amino acids found in human collagen, from plant-based ingredients. This is a complex process, but produces the highest quality vegan collagen possible. An additional benefit is that it is more easily absorbed, because the amino acids are already isolated and ready for absorption without further breaking down. For the same reason, a lower quantity of the supplement is required - no more endless scoops of a mystery powder. 

Introducing Our All New Collavegan

Our new Collavegan capsules contain eight active ingredients to provide all the benefits of collagen and more, with none of the worries. 

The key ingredient is Vollagen, which contains the same complex of 18 amino acids as collagen. It has been tested versus human collagen and results showed it is almost identical in composition. Because the amino acids are already isolated, they are also more easily absorbed then those found in bovine or marine collagen. You can learn more about Vollagen and read about the efficacy studies here.

Our exciting Collavegan supplement also contains hyaluronic acid, bamboo silica, vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, zinc and copper, offering a more holistic approach than traditional collagen supplements. Each additional ingredient, boosts the effectiveness. It is 100% vegan, non-GMO, and comes in recyclable packaging, so you don’t need to worry about any negative impacts on the environment.


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